Thursday, April 22, 2010

If you guys know Gabriel........:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Maeve :)


Taylor Swift,long neck,cat

Taylor detail....need to do a better one

Jeremy style!!!!

and this is how he looked when he drew them,just kiddin Jer'. I like this one alot though


I really liked the flow of this one

Jua "maaaannn"

You get these few sometimes who just lend themselves to the medium :DDDDD


these kids made my day "draw us as craaazy as you can, with bodybuilder muscles,chest hair,armpit hair,shiny...speedo' teeth,choochootrain braces...wish there were more customers like this

SQUARE JAW...yeess

CHP guy asked to be put in uniform "yes officer"

pretty people

more hair
This guy was a sweetheart

buff guy "finish the damn picture"

she looks classic caricature

wario fuuun,and nice

sumo guy and fiance

cute english couple on honeymoon

wish she kept on her glasses

mountain man!!!! this guy was soooo fun to draw

I mean c'mon................we love rockabilly's here

wii fight

This guy was aweeesome to draw, schnoz and a mad agent in one

guy was cool, lady fought it,but I drew her pretty (no smiling or looking >:)

I believe this is the MOTHER EARTH :)
This couple asked to be 'zombified'
so I did, and I enjoyed it...........watching to many crime mystery shows, and Dexter :)
The real pic was way more vivid,angled strokes led to splatter :D

I've drawn this 'young artist' like 8 times


these guys were so odd I felt moved to draw them strange and pretty

these punks wouldn't i drew 'em for free,punks

this kid kept saying "tony,tony" so i felt it should be on his shirt :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


oh man, I loved drawing these two, such a happy nice fun couple :)

"can you add our dog""of course we can" :D

these guys were fun to draw too

oh man, this lady was behind me laughing for a good
20 min., she kept saying
"Si se peresa"(which is the ultimo spectator compliment)
that made me thoroughly enjoy these nice people,
the gent looks like my uncle :) "Si se peresa"hahahaha

matress guy on right, no pic of girl on right ,
but liked how it came out none the less

ladies night............

I like my car.............:I

these guys were awesome

think this was "you got a friend in me" guy :)

Rejected on the right,
*originally no glasses, guy sits down no smile,
takes off glasses, I draw him as is, the wife says,
"nope, he usually smiles and wears his glasses all
the time, it doesn't look like him"
oh the nature of our business.......

I liked this lady

obligatory self plug :I

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing this guy, wish he
would've let me paint it

some passers by

cute kid, this lady was on her cell like the whole time ):(

Lyndell and Arcadia

too many fumes

citywalk love

couldnt get a pic of these peeps
(the guy in the middle was like a 5 minute
draw/paint, I had a look at him, he was like
10 ft. away, he came over and I gave it to him,
pretty close, but fun :))

this guy was a "flash smiler" but I liked them

totally missed this guy, he defenitely had something I missed:(