Tuesday, October 06, 2009

oh man, I loved drawing these two, such a happy nice fun couple :)

"can you add our dog""of course we can" :D

these guys were fun to draw too

oh man, this lady was behind me laughing for a good
20 min., she kept saying
"Si se peresa"(which is the ultimo spectator compliment)
that made me thoroughly enjoy these nice people,
the gent looks like my uncle :) "Si se peresa"hahahaha

matress guy on right, no pic of girl on right ,
but liked how it came out none the less

ladies night............

I like my car.............:I

these guys were awesome

think this was "you got a friend in me" guy :)

Rejected on the right,
*originally no glasses, guy sits down no smile,
takes off glasses, I draw him as is, the wife says,
"nope, he usually smiles and wears his glasses all
the time, it doesn't look like him"
oh the nature of our business.......

I liked this lady

obligatory self plug :I

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing this guy, wish he
would've let me paint it

some passers by

cute kid, this lady was on her cell like the whole time ):(

Lyndell and Arcadia

too many fumes

citywalk love

couldnt get a pic of these peeps
(the guy in the middle was like a 5 minute
draw/paint, I had a look at him, he was like
10 ft. away, he came over and I gave it to him,
pretty close, but fun :))

this guy was a "flash smiler" but I liked them

totally missed this guy, he defenitely had something I missed:(


Blogger David Reyes said...

These are real fun dude. Look forward to working with you again.

Thanks for bringing some of that cartoon vibe back into airbrush

11:44 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Shit, I hope I can bring eveb a quarter of this energy and life to my caricatures....dude I say it all the time...this stuff is purely great!

5:05 AM  
Blogger Leftyjoe said...

Fuck bro!!!! these are sooooo sick!!!!

8:30 PM  

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